8 Aug 2007

Back then....

Just to resfresh my memories what were I thinking when I was a young and naive ( still ) girl.

1. I though that the earth is Malaysia punya, meaning other countries have their own plant -( maybe I watch too much "The Jetsons" cartoon)

2. I thought that we can buy baby from hospital. Yes, that is what my father told me when I asked where my baby brother come from. But I always suspect it was not true. It confirm when when I study Science subject in Form 3, chapter 1.

3. When we go to other state we need passport. Seriously I believe it until I was in standard 3.

4. I was puzzle how can Mariah Carey could sing lead and back-up at the same time, this is when I saw her in "Fantasy" music video when she lipsync both lead and back-up parts.At first, I thought that maybe they are back-up singers sound like her until i learn about recording studio, mixing sounds. But it really puzzle me.

5. I have my own e-mail when I was in 1st year of university. Back then, I don't know how e-mails and internet look like.

6. I thought "Dutchlady" ( milks) is the name of the girl on the milk.

7. I thought that "orang dulu-dulu" is not colourful at all( from P. Ramlee black and white films).

8. I thought that sardine is the the name of fishes inside the tin.

9. I thought that there is a job of " stamping money" or in Malay" tukang cop duit" because my mom always said that " You thought your father kerja cop duit ke?"

10. I thought that bad things will never happen to me, well, that is my biggest mistake.

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